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Our extensive experience in sales, construction, and rentals, among others, ensure you will receive the most complete and reliable information regarding any property you might be interested in.

At High Tide Realty, we are absolutely committed to listening and working with you to understand your needs and desires, and in this way, present only the best options that reflect the type of property lifestyle you want. Our goal is to find the perfect property match for you. Our extensive experience in sales, rentals, and construction ensures you will receive the most complete and reliable information regarding any property in which you may have an interest. Our team is composed of Real Estate Sales Associates committed to representing your interests and needs. All live in the area and know the properties' advantages and shortcomings. We are committed to your satisfaction and strive to establish a relationship with our clients, based on trust and good experience.

High Tide Realty Team


Born and raised in San Jose, Oscar moved to Tamarindo in 2005 in pursuit of a better quality of life, closer to the beautiful beaches of Guanacaste. With over twelve years of experience in real estate in the region, Oscar has a deep understanding and knowledge of a full range of the real estate market. Having worked extensively in Hacienda Pinilla and Reserva Conchal, Oscar has developed a specialty in the area of resort development properties.

Currently living in Junquillal, Oscar has helped many clients find their ideal home or property. Honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable, Oscar is well-known as a real estate agent focused on his client's satisfaction.

Cell: +506 8890 1017


Federico has been in the construction business for over fifteen years, eight of those in the Guanacaste area. His passion for building led him to become involved in real estate, and opening the High Tide Realty office has allowed him to blend his areas of expertise. His background in the home building makes him the ideal person to advice on the value and advantages of certain homes and properties, as well as the best lots for construction.

Federico is also active in the business of vacation rentals which gives him the experience and knowledge regarding the finances, maintenance and other matters of importance with regard to owning a second home.

Cell: +506 8822 1002


Ekke has practiced real estate for over 25 years in his native southwestern Ontario, Canada. In addition, he has been involved in construction for over 30 years, specializing in both new custom homes and high-end renovation and restoration work for residential and rental properties. Ekke has joined the High Tide Realty office to provide his input, expertise and personal experience to those looking to relocate to Costa Rica. Currently involved in home building on the Gold Coast, the combination of Ekke's construction background, real estate experience, and his attention to detail in both areas gives him the skills necessary to ensure client satisfaction in all areas.

Cell: +506 8458 9642


Diana was raised in Villarreal and has lived in the Tamarindo area most of her life. After high school, she pursued a degree in Nutrition at the University of Costa Rica in San Jose and was offered a scholarship to study at the University of North Georgia, USA, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, with a minor in Chemistry in 2013. After a position with the Department of Horticulture in Richmond Virginia, Diana returned to Costa Rica and moved to San Jose to continue her education and work with a variety of companies, including Citibank, Estacion Tramar and Amazon, providing expertise in customer service, technology support, and sales marketing. After four years in the busy capital city, she decided to return to the amazing rhythm of the Gold Coast life where she grew up.

Diana's primary focus is assisting new and existing clients with vacation and long-term rental assistance.



Originally from the Mediterranean coast in the south of France, Jeremie moved to Costa Rica in February 2009 for the climate, the beach, the waves, and a better quality of life. He met his wife here, and they own a small hotel in Playa Negra. Jeremie is kept busy, not only renting rooms and offering surf tours to visitors, with his young child, and finds Costa Rica a wonderful place to live and invest. Jeremie speaks French, Spanish and English.

Cell: +506 8667 5117

At High Tide Realty, we are committed to presenting only the finest options catered to your needs and lifestyle, to ensure you fall in love with your property and its surrounding area. Our priority is finding the perfect property match for you.

High Tide Realty Team


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